Samantha has obtained certifications, qualifications, etc. and completed courses, workshops and seminars as follows.

Graduated from University of New South Wales
B.A. in Japanese, including studying Psychology for two years

Completed two years full-time Clinical Hypnotherapy & Counselling course – 2001

NSW School of Hypnotic Sciences:
Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy – April 2001

Certificate in Telephone Counselling – June 2003

HypnoBirthing® Institute:
HypnoBirthing Practitioner Training – October 2003

Armstrong Counselling and Consultancy Services
Supervisor Training, ACA approved – April 2004

Diploma in Ego State Therapy facilitated by Dr. Gordon Emmerson – May 2006

Dr. Stephen Gilligan:
Certification of Ericksonian Hypnosis and Psychotherapy – September 2006
Certification of Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis and Psychotherapy – October 2006
Trance Camp, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy – April 2008

Interactive Drawing Therapy:
Unit 1 Foundation Course – November 2012
Unit 2 Foundation Course – December 2012

Senior First Aid (Red Cross)– Aug 2002 – current
Rapid Interventions Hypnotherapy by Norm Caldwell – Sept 2003
Breakthrough to Success with NLP, Chris Howard – April 2005
AHA, Irritable Bowel Syndrome Workshop – July 2005
Counselling & Kinesiology – November 2005
ASCH, Smoking Cessation – February 2006
Centre for Community Welfare Training (CCWT), Couple Counselling – November 2006
PCHA, Anxiety and Depression – March 2007
Happiness and its Causes – June 2007
The Art of Happiness – Dr. Howard C. Cutler – June 2007
Learning to Recognize Concealed Emotions: Micro Expressions, Dr. David Matsumoto – June 2007
Healthy Self Esteem – Dr. Sarah Edelman June 2007
ACA Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Anxiety Disorders – August 2007
CCWT, Genograms in Counselling and Therapy – September 2007
Happiness and its Causes – May 2008
Happiness: A guide to developing Life’s Most important Skill – Monk Mattieu Ricard – May 2008
Positive Psychology & Positive Interventions with Dr Martin Seligman – May 2008
Positive Psychology – the New Science of Happiness, Tal Ben-Shahar – May 2008
Happiness and its Causes – May 2009
The Art & Science of Love (Couples), Dr. Gottman – May 2009
The Architecture of Sustainable Happiness: Using positive psychology to create lasting happiness, Professor Sonja Lyubomirsky – May 2009
Practical Tools for Positive Relationships that Transform You and the Organisation, Dr. Bob Murray
AHA World Conference – September 2009
Mind and its Potential – December 2009
The Art & Science of Teaching & Learning, Dr. Daniel Siegel – December 2009
Whole Brain Thinking, Herrmann International Asia – December 2009
The Power of Positive Parenting, Professor Matt Sanders – December 2009
ASCH Australian Hypnotherapy Conference – July 2010
Designing and Delivering Hypnotic Interventions, Dr. Michael Yapko – July 2010
Bill O’Hanlon – Effective Strategies for Therapeutic Change – June 2011
AHA Workshop – Improve your mental Hardware and Medical Hypnosis – February 2013
ASCH Workshop – A day with Medical Hypnotherapist Dr. Alan Brast – February 2013
PDP Dealing with Couples – June 2013

The Power of Symbols by Peter Dean – April 2014
Australian Hypnotherapists Association 65th Anniversary Conference – September 2014
The Mind /Body Connection, Dr Alan Brast (USA) – September 2014
Modelling Miracles, Alastair Horscroft (AU) – September 2014
The Art of Indirect Hypnosis – Empowering clients to make their own changes, Stephen Brooks (UK) – September 2014
Modern Ericksonian Hypnosis and Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing, Anne Laurence Fritsch (FR) – September 2014
Fixing Problems or Transforming Lives – Developing Compassion in Hypnotherapy, Stephen Brooks (UK) – September 2014
Stockwell’s Joy Therapy 101, Dr. Shelley Stockwell (USA) – September 2014
Acid Reflux and Gastritis – A Treatment Plan Utilizing Integrated Hypnotherapy, Dr. Ishan Abdeen (Sri Lanka) – September 2014
Unfolding the 7 Secrets of Fast, Effective Recovery, Judith Richards (AU) Trauma – September 2014
The Ericksonian Approach to Hypnosis, Rob McNeilly – August 2015
Ernest Rossi’s Mirror Hand Technique, Richard Hill – October 2015
NLP Greater Self Confidence, Talent Nurture Academy – March 2016
Understanding the Current Legal and Ethical Responsibilities as a Professional Hypnotherapist, Antoine Matarasso – September 2016
Teaching Tales and Stories you Tell, Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas PhD – November 2016
Discovering the Body’s Communication, Rhondda Stewart – April 2017
Mythical Storytelling and its Applications to Clinical Hypnotherapy, Julie Ditrich – April 2017
Voice Care for Hypnotherapists, Samantha U’Ren – September 2017
Self Care for the Hypnotherapist: Preventing Burnout, Setting Boundaries and the Four Personality Tendencies for Setting and Attaining Goals, Dr. Monica Moore – September 2017
Forensic Hypnotherapy, Margaret Tomko – November 2017
Hypnotherapy for Grief and Loss: A Therapists’ Perspective, Patriciah Catley – November 2017
Hypnotherapy and Bereavement: Clinical Notes, Ron Cox – November 2017
Children and their Families: Creative Ways of Nurturing Preferred Stories, A Narrative Therapy Approach, Rina Taub – November 2017
Treating Addictions with Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy, Yildiz Sethi – March 2018
Transpersonal Art Therapy, Debra Cowen – April 2018
Heart-Centred Hypnotherapy, Belinda Hulstrom – April 2018
Art and Play Therapy with Children, Jacki Short with Centre for Community Welfare Training – June 2018

Ultimate NLP Refresher – November 2019
Public Speaking – Top Secrets of the Elite – December 2019
Conversational Hypnosis – August 2019 – Feb 2020
Life Coaching Course – January – March 2020

How to Utilise Positive Emotions in Hypnosis, Freddy Jacquin – September 2020
The Embrace Protocol, Kaz Riley – September 2020
Content Free Hypnosis and Trauma, Karl Smith – September 2020
The Magic of Hypnosis is in The Magic, James Tripp – September 2020
The Simpson Protocol, Ines Simpson – October 2020
The Kashmir Techniques, Anthony Jacquin – October 2020
Managing Energy, Sandra Grace – November 2020
Conquer Stress, Worrier to Warrior, Kathy Gruver – November 2020
Confidence and Influence, Michael Anthony – December 2020
Breaking Bad Habits: Overeating, Smoking & Drinking, Lori Hammond – December 2020
Remodelling Depression and Anxiety, Derry Cooke – January 2021
Relaxation Made Easy, Faye Lawand, January 2021
Heal through Chaos, Marina Kostina – February 2021
Hypnotic Influence, Nicholas Spohn – February 2021
Be the Best Version of Yourself, Chris Thompson – March 2021
Fast and Powerful Hypnotherapy Inductions, Rob De Groof – March 2021

The brain is an incredible organ, and every brain is unique.
Samantha thrives on creating strategies for every client that will help them to achieve their goals.

Never complacent, Samantha continues to learn, to be sure she is the most effective she can be.
She has been intrigued by the mind, and the mind-body connection since a very young age, and her curiosity is what drives her success. She is very much an open minded ‘seeing is believing’ kind of person, and likes to experience things first hand.

Samantha’s fascination compelled her to read many books on the mind and the mind-body connection, and she was able to put her learning into action on herself, perfecting techniques (not realizing they were hypnotic!).

Her deep interest in the mind is what drove her to study Psychology at the University of New South Wales, most intriguing was the lectures and tutorials on hypnosis!

The universe works in amazing ways.
There were many trials and tribulations on her path, and great resistance, but Samantha always had a desire to help others.

That seed finally blossomed and led her to formal full-time study in Clinical Hypnotherapy for two years. Finding that this was just the tip of the iceberg, and essentially learning what didn’t work, Samantha continued her research on the subject and has continued to delve into complementing areas of study and she consulted many experts and honed her skills in the process.

Ironically the answers to the many questions that arose were within her. The techniques that she used on herself over the years were the ones that really worked!

So with ‘Dorothy recognizing that there is no place like home’, having earned her stripes in education, strength, courage, compassion, wisdom (ongoing!) and character, she set to work on making her techniques exceptional. No room for average here!

Samantha’s philosophy is very simple.

She recognizes that every client has what is needed within to become better versions of themselves, and she provides the tools to resolve what needs to be resolved, optimize and achieve goals.

She is very much about honouring and respecting you as an individual, your beliefs (as long as they are working for you!) and goals, etc. and working with integrity to achieve the best outcomes possible, in the most comfortable and efficient way.

This means therapy here at North Shore & City Hypnotherapy Sydney is time and cost effective, you feel amazing and you recommend us to others. Simple!