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What others think about you is none of your business.~ Jack Canfield #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha

Love wee hours of Early Morn.
Even when I can't see Our Moon.
Especially when I'm Final Draft-ing!

Am eager for YOU
to KEEP Looking UP
AND to Meet Muriel....

Meantime, #ThankYOU for Mercy.

@VenetiaJane @jerriofowler @MediumMairin @Reflective_Soul @JETAR9 @TheTwinPowers @muz4now @JLHilleary @ozhypnotherapy @gagasgarden @CrisisCtr A view from my window. 20 with snow showers expected. Beautiful stillness. 💕

@VenetiaJane @JodiLivon @jerriofowler @MediumMairin @Reflective_Soul @JETAR9 @TheTwinPowers @muz4now @ozhypnotherapy @gagasgarden @CrisisCtr Lucky us! This was our view this morning! 🎶It's beginning to look a lot like #christmas 🎶 🌲❄⛄🌲🎶 I love this time of year!

@JLHilleary @VenetiaJane @JodiLivon @jerriofowler @MediumMairin @JETAR9 @TheTwinPowers @muz4now @ozhypnotherapy @gagasgarden @CrisisCtr It's beautiful 😍 ❄️

Love ❤️

@JLHilleary @JodiLivon @jerriofowler @MediumMairin @Reflective_Soul @JETAR9 @TheTwinPowers @muz4now @ozhypnotherapy @gagasgarden @CrisisCtr Definitely looking a lot like Christmas here too. Woken up to a lot of snow this morning. The forecast was right! ☃️🌧

"When scientists say bears are going extinct, I want people to realize what it looks like," says photographer Paul Nicklen via @NatGeo.

This is what a starving polar bear on iceless land looks like. This is the heartbreaking reality of #ClimateChange 😢 RT

Be a #pineapple #tweeps 🍍🍍🍍

#ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha #SundayMorning #MakeYourOwnLane #defstar5 #mpgvip #Quotes #OzhypnotherapySydney

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