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Welcome to the Best Hypnotherapy Lane Cove & surrounding suburbs has to offer! Having seen many Lane Cove locals over my 20+ years I’ve been in private practice on the North Shore & Sydney City, you too may be searching for help with hypnosis for weight loss, hypnotherapy for sleeping problems or even hypnotherapy for children.

The terrific news is that I am available for Online Hypnotherapy, wherever you may be, so you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home.
Of course, when the COVID-19 pandemic has eased away and it is business as usual, you are welcome in either hypnotherapy clinic (or both!) in person.
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With a wonderful community spirit and lively vibe, family friendly and surrounded by bushland it is very similar to where I practice in Wahroonga. I have a bush outlook from my office, and my clients often comment on the peace and tranquillity after a session. The kookaburras always seem to have superb timing with their laughter – it is truly uncanny – often when clients have resolved a major issue in their life, and breathing a sigh of relief!

I’m delighted to say I grew up around the corner from Lane Cove National Park, and when coming home from overseas on the way back from the airport, I would always stop there to breathe in the scent of the bush… those subtle natural fragrances of gum leaves and wildflowers… there’s no place like home!!! I particularly missed the smell of wattle as I would return from Japan at Christmas time so reminisced that scent for years! There’s something quite soothing and healing about the energy and scent of the bush I find!

I’m curious to know if you, while reading this, found yourself experiencing those bush scents yourself?
Were you aware of any images, of the bush, of Lane Cove National Park, of you growing up or something soothing and healing to you?

Did you know that the mind doesn’t know how to differentiate real from imagined, and did you know that this IS hypnosis?

And of course, you know that you created those images in your own mind, I only evoked them.

This is much like what you experience in hypnosis…. I get to know quite a bit about you, the issues you want to resolve, and how you want to be (your goals basically), through what I like to call hypnotherapeutic counselling and then I take you into hypnosis using my unique mix of therapies to help you to achieve those goals. Hypnotherapy is complex but simple at the same time!

So whether you are looking specifically for the Best Hypnotherapy Lane Cove has to offer or in the surrounding suburbs of Greenwich, Linley Point, Longueville, Northwood, Riverview, or St Leonards, I hope you will feel right at home to venture a little further for the best, or perhaps meet me online sometime soon!

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Serving the Suburbs in the Municipality of Lane Cove:

Greenwich, Lane Cove, Lane Cove North, Lane Cove West, Linley Point, Longueville, Northwood, Riverview, St Leonards, and localities: Blaxlands Corner, Gore Hill, Palm Gardens, Osborne Park, Lane Cove National Park

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