How we can help you with sleep hypnosis


Sleeping difficulties affect so many people, and we see clients with sleep disorders for sleep hypnosis regularly.

Insomnia or sleep disorders/sleeping difficulties are the inability to fall asleep within a reasonable amount of time, an inability to stay asleep due to frequent waking, and/or have poor quality non-refreshing sleep.

Clients that present with sleeping issues often report fatigue, exhaustion, lack of focus and concentration, as well as frustration, and anxiety about being able to fall asleep naturally. Not sleeping well has a dreadful domino effect that wreaks havoc on daily functioning.
Long-term insomnia can lead to other issues, such as depression, anxiety, addictions and irritability to name a few.

There are many underlying causes of insomnia.

The cause may be biological. Due to naturally decreasing melatonin as we age, insomnia is common in the elderly. Hormone changes during menopause may also disrupt sleep.

There could be a medical explanation when a condition causes pain or respiratory problems or certain medications may have side effects that interfere with sleeping deeply.

There are also psychological factors such as feelings of anxiety, stress or pressure to perform at work, unresolved family issues, or major life events, such as a death.

Whether your sleeping difficulty is mild, acute or chronic, whether you take sleeping pills or not, whether there is a medical, biological or psychological cause or a combination, we can help you sleep naturally and comfortably!

So how can we help? I’m glad you asked!
Through hypnotherapeutic counselling, we take a comprehensive history and identify key areas that need to be resolved in hypnosis for you to sleep deeply, and awaken refreshed. These encompass old beliefs that no longer serve you, as well as thought patterns, feelings and self-talk.

And just like no two Hypnotherapists were made equal, no two sleep disorders are the same, though the symptoms may appear identical, what is driving the behaviours and feelings are going to be entirely different because your life experience is unique.

So how do we resolve your issues? Easily and effectively!
We take you into hypnosis and use various techniques to unlock and resolve your insomnia, build and reinforce coping strategies, self-esteem, positivity, optimism in your ability to sleep naturally, and seal the deal with energy, vitality and enthusiasm during the waking hours.

Every client is different and every session will be unique, depending on the goal and techniques used. We have been described as the ‘mixed martial arts’ of therapy! See Unique Approach.

We also recommend, where applicable, our original On Demand Hypnosis Sessions to support you throughout your transformation.

What does your insomnia cost you?
Does it hold you back from advancing in your career? Can you put a monetary value on that?
Do you invest time and energy in avoiding situations, or concealing it?
Does it inhibit you in your everyday relationships?
Do you neglect yourself, family and/or friends because of it?
What is the cost and impact on your health? On your physical appearance?
What is the cost and impact on your sense of self-worth and wellbeing?
What is the cost and impact on your ability to perform at work? At home?
What is the cost and impact on your relationships?
Does the benefit of investing in a few sessions with us at North Shore & City Hypnotherapy Sydney to be free of your sleep disorders/insomnia outweigh the ongoing costs of keeping them?
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