Are you searching for the best hypnotherapist in Sydney?

Questions that are often asked of us are ‘how do I choose a competent Clinical Hypnotherapist?’ ‘how do I compare hypnotherapists?’

Without a word of mouth recommendation, it is a world of buyer beware.

Some potential clients are motivated by price when searching for the best hypnotherapist in Sydney to suit their needs, others by a perceived freebie, and then there are those who are motivated by results.

No two Hypnotherapists were created equal. (Click to find out)

There are what we here at North Shore & City Hypnotherapy Sydney call ‘drive-by hypnotherapists’ who do a weekend seminar, set up shop, offer outlandish guarantees (please note: it is not legal to offer a guarantee on ANY health service in Australia!) and unsubstantiated success rates (often for Quit Smoking programs and the like), at either exorbitant prices or next to nothing, then literally disappear with a lot of disgruntled clients hot on their tails because they didn’t deliver.

Others will similarly do a short course to tack on to their main qualification, and call their new acquired skill ‘hypnotherapy’ or ‘hypnosis‘ when it is actually ‘guided meditation’, or ‘mindfulness’, which is completely different, like comparing apples to oranges.

Then there are those who may have done a course or two, but lack clinical experience in successfully dealing with your issue, so you end up paying much more and getting much less.

Finally there are passionate Clinical Hypnotherapists like us who have dedicated themselves to ongoing education, have clinical memberships with relevant associations and have been a mainstay in the business for well over a decade, 20 years to be exact, are genuine, confident, competent, reassuring, realistic and empowering and value your time as well as our own. We don’t offer gimmicks, just results. If you are committed to change, we are committed to facilitating you exceeding your goals.

We charge by the session, and also offer a juicy discount for introductory packages, so that you are in control. Many are surprised at how competitively priced we are!

How do you compare? (Click to find out)

Firstly you want to make sure the Hypnotherapist you are considering has MANY years of CLINICAL EXPERIENCE, has been recognized by industry standards, and is a member of reputable Clinical Hypnotherapy and Counselling Associations (the more the better in our opinion!).

We’ve seen too many disappointed clients succumb to bogus guarantees, empty promises and clever marketing, startup hypnotherapists that call themselves experts or specialists with no clinical experience to back up their claims, until they find us and get the real deal.

Bottom line is if it seems to good to be true it probably is!
There is a Japanese saying that we chuckle at …..’there is nothing more expensive than a freebie!’ (tada yori takai mono wa nai)

Secondly, after thoroughly reading through their website, give them a call to see if they can help in your situation.  How do they sound?  Are they helpful?  Are they confident and reassuring? Have they seen people like you before with your issue?

Take the first step by making an appointment with us!  You’ll be glad you did!

You just may well have found the best hypnotherapist in Sydney for you!

(Online Hypnotherapy Sessions available on Zoom, Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp too)

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