Hypnotherapy for GRIEF & LOSS

How we can help you overcome grief and loss with hypnosis


Many clients present with issues related to grief and loss of a loved one from a known disease, unknown or undiagnosed disease, accident, or even suicide. Regardless of the circumstances, losing someone close is very traumatic, and can leave so many unanswered questions about so many things.

Some clients start the grieving process before death has occurred, which can also generate many mixed emotions, including fear, helplessness and guilt. It can be heart wrenchingly difficult to watch a loved one’s demise through illness or disease, and remain positive, optimistic and loving.

Grief can centre around the loss of a pregnancy through miscarriage or even a termination. Some clients suffer in silence because life circumstances prevent them from sharing their feelings with others for fear of judgment. And at times grief can be compounded by words or actions of unwitting others, and lack of the kind of support needed.

Increasing numbers of clients seek out our services because of grief and loss over the passing of a beloved pet. Pets to so many become valuable members of their family, with their own little idiosyncrasies and personalities that bring joy and laughter among other things to our lives. The void that people feel after a pet passes ‘over the rainbow bridge’, as we animal lovers refer to it as, can be so intense and painful. Our furry, feathered, shelled, scaled and other friends often hide their ails, until it is too late. Hindsight can let doubts creep in about all sorts of things that can compound the grief, loss and mourning.

Feelings of grief and loss are not limited to death.

Many clients grieve the loss of a relationship – intimate romantic, marriage leading to separation or divorce, friend, acquaintance, relative or work colleague. The pain and devastation can be so overwhelming, and grief is not just about the present but also grieving the future shared dreams and responsibilities. It can feel like a piece of you dies, as everything you have projected into the future and imagined is no longer, and you are left with uncertainty.

And over the years we have seen many clients grieve the loss of a business, job title or occupation. The idea of retiring can bring on a range of different feelings that can be difficult to deal with. These feelings of grief can be very complex, and can centre around self-worth, belonging and phase three of the life cycle.

There are many that grieve the loss of health and wellbeing. It may be a gradual decline in strength, energy and vitality, or there may have been a diagnosis that takes the wind from your sails. We’ve had clients that were grieving their mobility and what they took for granted, after a stroke, injury or progressing disease such as multiple sclerosis (MS).

And there is also grief and loss associated with finances, loss of a dream, loss of the family home, and loss of personal security after an incident, crime or simply hearing about terrorism.

Grief and loss come in many different shapes and sizes.

Whatever the reason for your grief or loss, you will probably experience a range of different emotions, highs and lows, and it can take you by surprise when you least expect it too. Depending on the circumstances you’ll probably feel shock, disbelief, numbness, denial, deep sadness, sorrow, yearning, loneliness, emptiness, guilt, anger, resentment, rage, abandonment, betrayal, fear, helplessness, anxiety, hopelessness, etc. These feelings can lead to physical symptoms, such as loss of appetite and weight loss, weight gain, nausea, exhaustion and fatigue, difficulty sleeping and insomnia.

There are no correct ways to grieve. Grieving and the time it takes to grieve are very individual. Some cultures have rituals associated with grieving, and others do not. How you grieve and how long you grieve depends on various factors – your personality, your life experience, your coping style, your faith, cultural influences including rituals, support from others, and the nature of your loss.

Clients seek out our services when they know they can’t continue as they are. Their grief and loss may be interfering with daily living, and often they are being given a loving nudge that it is time for change. Depression may be creeping in, and joyous occasions may be too difficult to face.

So how can we help? I’m glad you asked!
Whether your grief and loss is from the death of a loved one or pet, loss of a baby in utero, loss of a marriage, partnership or union, loss of any kind of significant relationship, loss of health and wellbeing, security or future dreams, whatever your grief or loss we can help you to live the life you want to live.

Through hypnotherapeutic counselling, we take a comprehensive history respectfully, and identify key areas that need to be resolved in hypnosis for you to live the life you want to live. These encompass old beliefs that no longer serve you, as well as thought patterns, feelings and self-talk. In addition, we focus on healing and energizing the mind-body connection, optimizing the functioning of all body systems, so that the body and mind establish healthier ways of being, naturally.

And just like no two Hypnotherapists were made equal, no two feelings of grief or loss are the same, though the symptoms may appear identical, what is driving the behaviours and feelings are going to be entirely different because your life experience is unique.

So how do we resolve your issues? Easily and effectively!
We take you into hypnosis and use various techniques to help you to let go of the painful parts of your grief and loss (when you are ready!) and cherish the fond memories, build and reinforce coping strategies, self-esteem, positivity, optimism and seal the deal with motivation, energy and desire to engage in life once again (when you are ready!).

Every client is different and every session will be unique, depending on the goal and techniques used. We have been described as the ‘mixed martial arts’ of therapy! See Unique Approach, although we are always respectful of what you want and how much change you are ready for. We take your lead.

We also recommend, where applicable, our original On Demand Hypnosis Sessions to support you throughout your transformation.

What does your grief and loss cost you?
Does it hold you back from advancing in your career? Can you put a monetary value on that?
Do you invest time and energy in avoiding certain situations, or concealing it?
Does it inhibit you in your everyday relationships?
Do you neglect yourself, family and/or friends because of it?
What is the cost and impact on your health? On your physical appearance?
What is the cost and impact on your sense of self-worth and wellbeing?
What is the cost and impact on your ability to perform at work? At home?
What is the cost and impact on your relationships?
Does the benefit of investing in a few sessions with us at North Shore & City Hypnotherapy Sydney to be free of the painful aspects of your grief and loss outweigh the ongoing costs of living with it?


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