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Reviews, Testimonials & Valuable Feedback from clients:

Samantha’s approach to hypnosis and her wealth of clinical knowledge in counselling make her service really special and very effective. She has a lovely, welcoming, kind and non-judgmental nature which you instantly feel at ease around.

What impressed me most about Samantha was her approach to the hypnosis sessions. She really worked to get to the core of the issues that were affecting me and I think because her work is so specialised and targeted to your perspective, that is why it is so effective.

I am pleasantly shocked at the impact the hypnosis therapy has had on me. It really was profound what issues the sessions unearthed and it has helped me resolve concerns that I have been holding onto for 28 years and which have been creating and fuelling bad habits in my life.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Samantha and her practice.
Ms. M – Mosman (Hypnotherapy for nail biting and skin picking review)

I’ve been seeing Samantha Jones for over 5 years now, on and off, with some rather long breaks.

I came first because I wanted to change the way I think, change the way I make my life choices, and get out of constant emotional pain and despair I was in. I was in an abusive relationship at the moment and couldn’t find my way out, doubting my ability to stand on my own but desperate to break free from a toxic man.

I had read so many self help books but inside of my mind nothing had changed. I was still unhappy and unsure what to do with my life. Samantha helped me to believe in myself, to feel worthy of all good things in life, and to choose the best.

There was a whole lot of issues we’ve worked through over this years: difficult childhood, traumatic experiences, anger, self doubt, ruminations, depression, painful memories, dealing with toxic relatives.

As all this clutter in my head was cleared Samantha helped me to bring into my new relationship things I’ve never seen growing up or experienced before – mutual value and respect, and develop new personally traits like kindness and forgiveness.

Dramas from the past don’t dominate my thoughts anymore. If something reminds me of them, I don’t get upset and angry anymore, and my mind quickly diverts to something else without me making any effort. Past is now just a faded distant memory, and I’m finally able to live in the present.

That’s what I was wanting for so long! I couldn’t get it from reading self help books. They have so many good ideas but my mind just wouldn’t employ them. New way of thinking is what I needed then and what I have now.

I can’t speak highly enough of Samantha and her great gift of hypnosis. It’s been an amazing journey and transformation, I’d call it evolving into a happier me. And while my life is not perfect and has it’s normal up’s and down’s, I enjoy it so much better than before.

Speaking of depression, recently I’ve learnt that Hypnotherapy is just as effective in treatment of depression as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Having tried both I can say that results are much better and faster with hypnosis.

Being in state of hypnosis is pleasant and very relaxing. No matter how bad I was feeling before the session, after every session I feel that everything is so beautiful and life is so good.

Summary: I greatly appreciate Samantha’s help in changing my life and highly recommend North Shore & City Hypnotherapy.
Ms. I – Gordon (hypnotherapy client testimonial for anxiety, depression, getting over someone, anger management, etc.)

At the end of last year I came to see you in regards to my needle phobia and I have had great success following these sessions.
A few months after completing the sessions we found out I was pregnant, along with this came multiple blood tests and immunisations.

I can proudly say prior to blood tests I experience no signs of panic or anxiety unlike before and even attend these appointments on my own.
Last immunisation I had I did feel slightly anxious beforehand but managed to keep myself calm, the doctor was great and I had a very positive experience.

I thank you very much for the your help with this it has made the pregnancy process much easier and stress free.
Ms. K – Frenchs Forest (hypnotherapy client for needle phobia/fear of needles/fear of blood in reviews & testimonials)

I came to visit OzHypnotherapy Sydney after doing some research on the internet about hypnotherapy with an open mind set though hope to recover from a long-term relationship break-up, anger management & improve study concentration.
I felt a sense of relief after the very first session of counselling hypnotherapy with Samantha. She is such a good listener, equipped with a sense of humour which makes the session friendlier & quite relaxing.

I was blown away after the first hypnosis, I felt relaxed & light weighted.
What impressed me the most is that I realised the long-term value & effect hypnotherapy brought to me & my thinking process.
I was able to exit depressed feelings, worries and anger. Instead I feel that I have overcome low-self esteem, fears for the future & now focus my energy on the positivities, simple happiness, avoid the negative criticism I have on other things & myself.

It is truly a great experience I’m glad that I did and I would recommend it to anyone. And I thank Samantha for that.
Thank you 🙂
Ms. A – Sydney (review of hypnotherapy client for getting over a relationship breakup, depression)

Hi Samantha,
Just wanted to let you know that the trip to Noosa went well. I was absolutely fine on the plane! Yay!
Once we landed on the way back my fiance asked WHEN I was going to freak out, he was SO surprised at the turnaround he thought it may come later…. and it didn’t.
I’m over the fear of flying!

I’m actually looking forward to going overseas on a long haul flight now!
Thanks again. Was skeptical but your hypnosis works.

I’m telling everyone I know.
Ms. D – Sydney (hypnotherapy client for fear of flying & anxiety)

Ever felt so close to that edge that you could fall and not care?
That was me before I started seeing Samantha for guidance, hypnotherapy and counselling.
I was wallowed in the deepest dark pool of self pity and black cloud depression.
I hated my job, my long term partner and I just split up and I had become the person I always was scared of turning into.
Growing up with a severe case of ADHD it was always hard for me to break through the cold hard cell of depression.

I saw Samantha for a number of sessions and my life changed.

I have everything I always wanted, my dream career, a beautiful home and a stable mind.
I moved from Sydney to Melbourne, but know that if I ever need help Samantha is just a phone call/ Skype away.
I do highly suggest having a chat and then going and seeing her, it is well worth it for peace of mind!!
James S – Hunters Hill (testimonial from hypnotherapy client for anxiety, depression & ADHD)

Seven months ago I tried the first hypnosis treatment in my life.
Hypnosis is the last hope on my list to try for my tinnitus.
I had tried lots of medicines & treatments in the past two years and nothing seemed work well. I felt I was going to collapse or very close to that point because my tinnitus was getting worse and worse.

After three or four times weekly treatments the situation did not get better. But it also did not get worse. That was a good sign. Then after that the situation was getting better and better slowly. The volumes in both ear were dropping bit by bit after each treatment. Of course there were a couple of times the volumes did not drop, but at least they were stable. I also became lighter, easier and more relaxed. And my sleep was getting sounder and deeper.

After finishing ten times weekly treatments the volumes dropped to a certain level that I will be very happy if they just stay there for the rest of my life. Then I reduced the treatment frequency to fortnightly, then monthly, and then quarterly. Next time may be half year later or may not need anymore.
I used to wear ear plugs when I slept for many years. Even though they make the ringing in my ears sounds louder after I got tinnitus. I was woken up by noise easily and cannot go back sleep quickly. So I relied on them. There was one night last month I forgot to put them on and still slept through. That was an amazing feeling that make me smile from the bottom of my heart: the cost is worth.

Patient means you have to be patient to try everything and keep trying and never give up. There got to be one cure for you.
S.S – St. Leonards (reviews & testimonials – successful hypnotherapy for tinnitus, anxiety & depression)

Hi Samantha,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have done for me in curing my anxiety and depression.

I began seeing Samantha for anxiety in 2012, having exhausted all other medicines and cognitive therapy attempts. My health had begun to diminish my life and I struggled to complete my HSC. Through our sessions, Samantha has helped to reduce my anxiety and depression with coping methods and relaxation techniques. These coping mechanisms now help me to relax and be calm in situations where I would have otherwise suffered a severe panic attack. I feel more in control and able to cope with stress and the challenges of life.

Samantha’s calm, friendly demeanour has made it easy to relax and open up to. Her professionalism and compassion has made her a fantastic life councillor. The techniques she has taught me play a part in my day to day life, however I do return for a Hypno session when life gets particularly tough.

I am so thankful for all the help you have given me, you really have changed by life.
L.T.- Gordon (client reviews & testimonials hypnotherapy for anxiety & depression)

I was hugely skeptical before meeting with Samantha and going down this route as I couldn’t get my head around how it could possibly work. However I can now say with complete confidence that I would 100% recommend her without hesitation to anyone who was struggling to cope with any aspect in their life.

At the time my relationship had recently ended and I was left feeling completely empty and without worth. I had found myself living in a City where I didn’t really want to be and not knowing anyone, but mainly filled with regrets of what should have been and not understanding how it had all gone wrong. I felt this option was my last resort in trying to turn things around.

Samantha genuinely made a difference from our very first meeting, first helping me to cope and to accept and then to move on. She took me from my lowest ebb where I just couldn’t function properly anymore-and was extremely angry at myself for not coping- and really turned things completely around for me. I clearly remember coming out of even the very first meeting and being surprised at the new found positivity that I felt.

Over just a short period of time I came to have a new outlook on life.

This testimonial is a follow up from that period as now three years on I am looking forward to get married in a couple of months’ time! I am truly thankful for the help that she provided.
P.C. – Chatswood (client feedback on hypnotherapy for moving on from a relationship breakup)

I engaged Samantha Jones as my hypnotherapist in 2008 because I wanted to quit smoking once and for all. I had no prior knowledge of hypnotherapy but figured it was worth a shot before trying to quit on sheer willpower alone. Samantha not only helped me to quit smoking successfully (and after only one session, reinforced by the second) but to better understand why I smoked. She helped me recognise my triggers and bad habits so that I could successfully control my reflex responses to stressful situations in the first few weeks after I had quit.

I’ve recommended Sam to several of my friends (and will continue to do so) because I found her to very easy to talk to. Sam really listened to me outline my desired outcomes and helped clarify and direct my thought clearly. Her manner is non-judgemental which put me at ease and I felt that she understood my issues clearly and could get right to the heart of the problem.

The experience of being hypnotised was surprisingly enjoyable, relaxing and never at any time did I feel uncomfortable. I am now a long term non-smoker and cannot be more pleased with the results of my sessions with Samantha Jones.
N.D. – Sydney (hypnotherapy client)

My sessions with Samantha were really good and I particularly liked the time she spent getting to know me and understanding my smoking habits.
After my first session, I was able to be around smokers and not want to light up. If I thought about having a smoke, the desire to light up would go as quickly as the thought came. Within 3 weeks I was marvelling at the thought that I hadn’t thought of smoking at all.

Hypnotherapy works and is a great support mechanism to help you achieve your goals.
Sammy – Summer Hill, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)

Hi Samantha, here’s some feedback after the quit smoking hypnosis. I am happy to report I have not touched one since that single 90 minute session, which was about 9 years ago. That was the best money I ever spent and it changed my life very much for the better. I have referred a few people on to you since then.

I can further report, following some other sessions regarding relationships, social stuff & the like, that I am approaching my 5th wedding anniversary and things are generally pretty good. I am much happier. The sessions with you helped me work some things out. To this day I am not sure if it was just having someone to talk to about it or the therapy but there is no denying that things improved for me very much after that. Thanks again.
Ian Boyd – Greenwich, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)

I have suffered from intermittent sleep problems for decades, but it had gradually worsened over several months, resulting in my not falling asleep until 2 or 3 am most nights, then having to get up at 6 am for work. It was exhausting. Amazingly, following my first session with Samantha, I began sleeping right through the night for around 7 hours. After two more sessions, my anxiety levels had reduced markedly and I was feeling more at ease with myself. The sessions with Samantha exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend her.
Sue – North Shore, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)
This is a Recommendation from A.W.
Samantha was highly recommended and now having experienced a hypnotherapy session myself I know why…
I came to Samantha to stop drinking for 6 months – I felt it was time – but I knew no matter how hard I was prepared to try – I needed help.

Samantha listened, really listened, to my honest appraisal of my drinking without judgement. I felt she tuned-into me …
The outcome I wanted to achieve was that life would be ‘life-as-usual’ but alcohol-free for 6 months.

This is exactly what Samantha achieved in one session – that ‘urge’ to drink simply doesn’t exist. I don’t miss alcohol at all. I can socialise with people who drink and really enjoy and be perfectly at peace sipping my glass of ‘whatever’.
Samantha made becoming ‘alcohol-free’ the easiest thing I have ever done.
Thank you Samantha, I feel really great.

A.W. – Pyrmont, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)
Hi Samantha,
After many knee operations – 2 reconstructions many years ago and 14 clean ups on both knees – I decided to try alternative treatments.
My knees have severe arthritis after many years of sport – in fact I’m told I’m level 4 – the worst you can be with bone on bone and require artificial joints.
That said many noted I should not be able to walk and that I must have a high pain threshold.
Over time pain was winning the battle and I started thinking about my sore knees.
I thought if the doctors are correct that my threshold is so high why can’t it be improved.

So I visited Samantha Jones and within a short time she harnessed that mindset and “turned back the pain” to a level I was comfortable with and I think it made as much difference as what surgery would achieve.
Ultimately I may succumb to a joint that fails and need it replaced but for the moment Im doing great and would without hesitation recommend Samantha to anyone for pain management and generally feeling good about themselves and life!! I have referred many friends but they seem skeptical ? hell I studied science at university and sometimes you got to accept mind over matter!!
P.F. – St Ives, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)

Dear Samantha,
The extent of appreciation that I have for all that you have done for me, I can’t fully put down in writing. You have changed my perspective in life and now I go through life with confidence and ease.
I was referred to you by a friend of mine who also had a few issues with confidence in her new job. At that stage I was having difficulties with confidence and self esteem and thought I would ask for your help.

From our first meeting I walked out of your room and felt lighter (like baggage had been taken off me). That is only the start of our consultations and every time I see you my confidence, energy and other problems I encounter disappear, you have helped me move forward in my life with happiness.

You are a true inspiration and I thank you for all of your hard work and will never forget what you have done for me.
I sincerely wish you all the treasures and best in life. I also have and continue to highly recommend you to people I know.
S.C. – Eastern Suburbs, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)

Dear Samantha,
I came to you feeling like a lost cause. I had close to no self esteem or self worth which resulted in anxiety. I was very fearful of the judgement of others and felt very unworthy of love. Due to a past relationship I had a strong fear of intimacy and felt uncomfortable even with the thought of getting close to any male. It was a big step for me to come to you, but my only regret is that I didn’t do it earlier!

After my counselling and hypnotherapy sessions I feel like a new person, I can no longer connect with my previous emotions of feeling insignificant and inadequate. I am now living life fully with high self esteem and dignity. I do not feel intimidated by other women or fearful of their judgement, I now find myself complimenting and admiring their individuality as well as my own.

Since my sessions my fear of intimacy has disappeared completely and I realize how much control I have over my life again. I now believe I am capable of anything which is coming a long way from the frightened shy person I once was.

Samantha, you have a very kind and caring nature which must be highly commended, and I was able to feel completely comfortable and extreme trust in you which allowed me to work through my issues in a safe environment and achieve the results I have. You are so supportive, understanding and easy to talk to. There is no comparable service available that allows results to be seen and regain happiness so quickly and with so much heart.

I have recommended you to others because you were able to help me regain my life back and now feel like I am back on track and living the life I am supposed to be without fear.
Words will never be able to express how thankful I am, you have changed my life and I will forever be grateful.
L.H. Student – Lindfield, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)

Hi Samantha,
In the first presentation two days after the hypnotherapy session, I had a good kind of tension and found that I didn’t have a fear to make a mistake.
I talked comfortably. Of course I made mistakes in English but I was calm so I didn’t blank out.

Second presentation was about difficult contents that required detailed explanations about complex physiological mechanisms, and there were more questions at Q&A.
Again, I could keep myself calm throughout the presentation even though I didn’t know the answers for a half of questions.

I had very good feedback from lectures and the audience for both presentations. The feedback made me happy the most was the sentence “you were confident”. I could have the words for both presentations.
The biggest change is that I felt comfortable to being myself in front of audience.

It is obvious that the fear we talked about in the consultation before hypnosis was gone.
Thank you so much for the therapy and useful advices.
I leant a lot from your session.
K.K. Student Naturopath – Pyrmont, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)

Dear Samantha,
May I say how elevating it was to be associated with that splendid mind of yours and how you listened without flinching to all the wild concepts I put forward.

You really are a breath of fresh air to a mind like mine.
Paul E. – Castle Hill, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)

Dear Samantha,
I just wanted to let you know that I had a healthy baby boy. I’m sure you had something to do with me being healthy and falling pregnant and I thank you for that.
Many thanks
K. – Baulkham Hills, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)
Dear Samantha,
Thank you again for your marvellous work in helping me to untangle my mind. It’s been a fascinating exercise & a successful one – I am over the moon and much more confident about life.
K.S. – McMahons Point, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)
Dear Samantha,
Thank you so much for introducing and tutoring us in Hypnobirthing! It’s going to be invaluable in many parts of our lives but most importantly for the calm and beautiful birth of our daughter!!
Many thanks
P. & P.W. – Normanhurst, Sydney (Hypnobirthing client)
Dear Samantha,
Thank you so much for your help this year, and I very much look forward to seeing you again.

Ms G. – Artarmon, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)
Dear Samantha,
Since speaking I have referred yet another 2 smokers for quitting!
G.S. – Eastern Suburbs, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)
Hi Samantha,
I came to see you to overcome the fear of heights and fear of flying. And I did. So much more confident now.
P.H (52) – Western Suburbs, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)
Hi Samantha,
I underwent chemo and radiotherapy and my oncologist was astounded at my cigarette consumption -the cancer was in my oesophagus- and after 42 years at 60 cigarettes a day, 1 year after treatment for cancer, I thought it might be time to quit. I was given your number from an old business customer.

Outcome: 1st visit, 100% success, went from 60 cigs a day to zero OVERNIGHT.

The hypnotherapy was relaxing and professional; service is great, the results 100% and cost moderate!

I’ve referred lots of people to you!
P.H (52) – Western Suburbs, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)

G.S. (56) Company Director – Randwick, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)[/one_whole]
Hi Samantha,
I used to smoke 20 cigarettes a day, and my goal was elimination. You helped my father quit 60 a day, and I quit too. Thanks

D.S. Horticulturalist – Randwick, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)
Hi Samantha,
I have had an eating disorder since my 20’s (ie for around 30 years), over the years gaining and losing weight, but with a gradual upward trend. I have tried every sensible approach to lose weight with some success over the past few years only, but was afraid of reverting back to emotional eating and binging.

Your therapy helped on the emotional and subconscious side, reinforcing a positive outlook and removing emotional triggers for overeating. Together with practical steps helped stabilize my weight after a significant drop in weight. You were very supportive and in tune with the problem and obviously experienced at pinpointing the issues causing the problem.

I recommend your service to anyone with unresolved issues which is causing behavioural problems (eg overeating)
Anon- Inner West, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)

Hi Samantha,
I was skeptical when I called you, and joked about the ‘chicken dance’, but you laughed as you explained the process of hypnotherapy for giving up smoking.

I was a social smoker only, but gave it up in 2 sessions, which is bloody excellent. I cannot seem to touch a fag, let alone an actual packet!

P.H. Recruitment – Sydney (hypnotherapy client)

Hi Samantha,
My son’s birth was: life changing, intense and relaxed at the same time, and exciting.
The skills we have learnt have created a more relaxed environment for our boy to grow up in.
B.P. – Chatswood, Sydney (Hypnobirthing client)
Hi Samantha,
I came to your clinic because I didn’t want to suffer from the severe stress I would experience before boarding an aircraft or in a position of heights. I wanted to feel as if those situations were normal.

I had two sessions, one for each fear, and I learnt to look at situations with a positive attitude, look at the good and exciting aspects, and not worry about the rubbish.
You are a good listener, understanding and very professional. I was relaxed, comfortable and able to express myself very easily.

I overcame my fears successfully.

Thank you
P.H. – Bexley, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)

Dear Samantha,
For many years I had been curious about past life hypnotherapy, so I began to research a number of therapists who work in this area. After a very comprehensive conversation with you I took my first steps to engage in this therapy. As a result of my visits I discovered underlying issues I thought had been dealt with in conventional counselling sessions I had had with a psychologist some years ago, the main issue I was trying to deal with was depression.

I had 6-7 sessions and although originally coming for past life regression, you helped me to identify current life issues that were of more importance. In one session we completed an extensive questionnaire, the following session we discussed the results. This gave me so much insight into myself and why I feel / think / react in certain ways. This has enabled us to target my therapy sessions focusing on specific issues that I need to resolve.

I have attended varying degrees of counselling over many years and at times felt that type of therapy had helped. However it wasn’t until I commenced therapy with you that I discovered how entrenched my subconscious thoughts were. At my first session I said ‘I want you to make me better, fix me up before my 40th birthday, I’m sick of feeling this way’. I had forgotten about that statement (& deep down thought it wasn’t going to happen in 4 months anyway) until you mentioned it at my last session. I reflected over the past 3 months and I am amazed at how much progress I have truly made. I truly cannot remember the last time I have felt so good and felt so positive about all aspects of my life.

From the third session of hypnotherapy there were definite changes in my life. I have suffered from depression for many years, and in a short period of time I had found that I had shifted from this state of mind / being and with little conscious thought was beginning to function in the way I had hoped for for such a long time. With my deep-seated issues I have learned to recognise their impact on my life and ways to work with / around them. I have gained an inner strength, level of acceptance and understanding about myself. Everyday I improve that little bit more and continue to grow as a person. My goal is to be the best person I possibly can be and I will do what ever work necessary to achieve that goal for myself.

Samantha, you are a great person, very professional and very attuned to your clients. You work with your clients, for their benefit, not yours. You are flexible and ensure that you meet your clients’ needs. You have challenged me and made me stop & think about certain issues / circumstances of which I had given little if any thought to. This has been extremely beneficial for me. You are a great therapist, very warm and caring gentle nature.
I would like others to know that hypnotherapy with you is the most effective treatment I have ever used, and particularly the fact that I have noticed rapid results. I would suggest you to anyone who is committed to addressing and overcoming issues that are impacting their lives. I have grown as a person and feel more equipped to deal with life’s adversities. It’s kind of like I fell asleep & when I woke up I was feeling on top of things and better able to deal with my life.

Good therapists that one connects with are hard to find and when you do find someone with whom you click with you want to tell everyone about them. That’s exactly what I’m doing.
I never believed this type of therapy would bring such quick, positive results for me. I had lived my entire life carrying such negativity which stemmed from my past and it had become part and parcel of who I was. Not any more……..the new me is now starting to emerge and show itself to the world.

Thanks Samantha,
A.F. Social worker – Blacktown, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)

My birthing experience was like being in a dream, very surreal. I felts so ‘in the zone’, completely separate from everything going on outside. But I was totally able to communicate with everybody (including all the staff at the hospital) without coming back to the surface.

The program gave me the confidence and skill to be relaxed about everything to do with the birth, breastfeeding and taking care of our son. It took away all the fear + anxiety.

You were great, confident and informed. The skill of self hypnosis is a skill for life not just for childbirth!
R.P. (33) – Chatswood, Sydney (Hypnobirthing client)

Hi Samantha,
I had an alcohol habit that crept up on me over some years to the point that I found it difficult not to have a beer every day and the volume was increasing because my tolerance was increasing.
From the moment I walked out of the session I felt like I was not longer a drinker. I had made the decision to stop drinking for 6 months to establish a different pattern.

At no time have I felt any craving for a beer and within a week of stopping I had been in social events where I normally would be tempted. I found these times to be totally easy to deal with and haven’t looked back.

Samantha I found your approach to be very reassuring, non-judgemental and straightforward. I didn’t feel that I was being judged or made to feel guilty, but rather you focussed on the solution.
I think that demystifying what happens has been what most people have asked me about… ie are you aware what’s happening, how do you know if you are under etc…a lot of people have been really interested in my experience. I have pointed out though that in order to get ‘fixed’ you need to want to deal with the issue. I’ve felt that the hypnotherapy really made quitting drinking easy.

I have already made a number of referrals I have recommended at least 10 people to your website to get the phone number etc. I’ve even had about three people I don’t know well ring me to ask how successful I thought hypnotherapy was and gave them a very positive referral and pointed them to the website also.

Thanks for helping me get on top of the problem!!
G.B. (48) Management Consultant – St Ives, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)

Hi Samantha
I was confused and in a situation that I needed to get some clarity on and assistance with understanding why I was in the position I was. I had about four sessions with you and found the experience really useful, especially the hypnotherapy.
I have been able to be more self assured, and focused on working through areas of concern. My relationships are much healthier and I am more confident and relaxed in myself.

I found you to be a great listener, understanding and an excellent neutral party to open up to.

Anon – Sydney (hypnotherapy client)

Hi Samantha,
As you know I had been picking the skin off my lips quite severe for a number of years, now to the point that they bleed, sting and continuously burn. I had been to my doctor but there is nothing that could be done. I had heard great stories about people who have stopped smoking resulting from hypnotherapy with yourself and thought that if it works for them why not for me.

I only had one session with you, however during that session I learnt to relax like I have never relaxed before.
The result of the therapy has made me conscious every time I put my hands to my lips, and my lips no longer bleed and have healed.

I found you to be very inviting and comfortable to be around. It made me feel comfortable in opening up. I feel that the counseling side of the hypnotherapy is very healing.
R.R. (23) Credit Officer – Erskineville, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)

Hi Samantha,
I came to see you because I thought hypnotherapy would help me more than anything as I had done as much thinking and talking as possible previously and it had not helped.

I had 4 or 5 sessions. The first was an immense relief / release. The second not so much as I was anticipating too much. After that the results were constant and very gratifying.

The results were extensive and substantial. The relief from guilt and persistent remembering was enormous. My life has returned to the bliss it once was.

I thought you were quite ‘clinical’ which was confidence inducing, as the scientific / rational aspect nullified any airy-fairy preconceived ideas I had. Clinical Hypnotherapy and Counselling at North Shore & City Hypnotherapy is a rewarding experience that is very participative in its approach and the closest thing to waving a magic wand that I could have wished for.

I am so grateful for your help.
Mr. C. (28) Editor/Director – Redfern, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)

Hi Samantha,
I was seeing a psychiatrist but found taking tablets resulted in unwanted side effects, and wanted to try something natural.

I also wanted to improve my mind, the way I think and get rid of the negativity. Now I am a better person, stronger and more confident, having achieved my goals with you over 7 sessions. You were very kind and helpful.

It’s a pity medicare won’t pay a benefit, but it was worthwhile seeing you.
S.J.T. – Turramurra, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)

Dear Samantha,
I started smoking again socially and wanted to stop. I had already previously been to hypnotherapy and did stop for just under a year. I knew that hypnotherapy worked for me, so I wanted to do it again, but wanted to see someone else, and I chose you.

I feel very strong and happy with the results. I prefer to feel fit and healthy and to have a cigarette is just NOT an option. I love every day that goes by that I haven’t had a cigarette. I feel empowered. What I found fantastic about you is the chatting at the beginning where you asked me questions, and while in the meditative state you go over these things. If I am tempted I just return to those thoughts and remember why I chose to be a non-smoker.

I decided to quit early December, which meant I faced a lot of parties etc, over the holiday season. I have been in numerous situations where smoking is around me, but quickly I return to my non-smoking label. I have been stressed and under pressure at work and I have not even thought to have a cigarette.

My running has improved, I’m going harder and faster and returning home without the cough I used to have. Internally and externally I just feel so healthy and happy. Life certainly is a lot brighter, I just feel so much more confident and proud.
Samantha, you made me feel comfortable and important, creating an environment where I felt open with my thoughts, thus gaining even better results. I had absolutely no cravings -no need for patches, nothing- just strength of mind and character. It works! It helped me so I always suggest your hypnotherapy to anyone trying to reach a difficult but attainable goal (I’ve referred some people to you already).

I am very thankful to you for helping you achieve my goal to become a non-smoker. The mind is a very powerful tool and it’s great to know someone like you, to help others use it for positive and life changing outcomes.
C.L. Film/TV Production Assistant – Bondi Beach, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)

Hi Samantha
I was referred to you by a family friend after I had indicated a desire for hypnotherapy to stop smoking. Other attempts at stopping smoking had been unsuccessful. These included ‘cold turkey’ and patches, etc.

I stopped smoking after 2 sessions with you, which was the desired outcome, and I feel healthier and enjoy all the benefits that non-smokers enjoy. I was intrigued by your sensitivity, empathy and skills.
I have recommended you to others.
R.K. Business Development Manager – Greenwich, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)

Dear Samantha,
I had been trying to lose weight for some years now but without much success. Hypnotherapy with you gave me the motivation to ‘kick-start’ my losing weight.
I had 3 sessions, and I found the third session most beneficial. I have learnt to be positive more focused and on the whole confident. I feel I can tackle other aspects of my life in a positive way as well.

I have lost 16 kgs in 5 months which has been very encouraging, and given me a new ‘lease’ in life. Many friends have complimented me in my success at weight loss. My main goal now is to maintain at my now ‘goal’ weight.

I feel that due to your hypnotherapy which has given me the motivation I needed to start losing weight, it has also made me feel more positive about my future and I feel more confident I can tackle anything now.

I have seen hypnotherapy used on TV shows and thought it might help me with my weight issues and it HAS.
M.T. (43) Secretary – West Ryde, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)

Hi Samantha,
Your Hypnobirthing program was useful in helping me to remain positive about the birth, and the visualizations helped to think about what was actually happening while birthing, and the breathing techniques gave me something else to focus on.

Looking back on the first weeks after the birth, the program helped me to stay relaxed and sleep well.

I found you to be very approachable, organised, friendly, relaxed and thoughtful.
T.H. Social Worker – Wollstonecraft, Sydney (Hypnobirthing client)

Hi Samantha,
I had given up smoking many times and on a few occasions I had managed to be a non-smoker for a couple of years. Lately, however, I’d give up and a few days later be smoking. I found it particularly difficult to remain smoke-free when I socialised and when I was going through stressful periods at work, or emotional difficulties in my private life. I had always given up cold turkey. A work colleague shared with me that hypnotherapy with North Shore & City Hypnotherapy helped him quit, so I decided to give it a go.

I had 2 sessions and gave up after the second. The sessions made me realize that underlying the habit to smoke was a fear of failing to be a good mum, a good employee and friend and fear of financial disaster. The sessions focused primarily on my fears and indirectly helped me quit smoking. I discovered to trust that things would work out and that I didn’t need to know all the answers.

The biggest improvement in my life is the loss of the fear that I had as a single mum needing to be good at everything and have every eventuality covered. Without the fear the emotional crutch of smoking lessened and I can do without!

You were very friendly, polite, professional and experienced, and I have recommended others to your clinic.
Many thanks
C.M.B. – Sydney (hypnotherapy client)

Hi Samantha
Birthing was wonderful, I walked through the contractions and stayed relaxed and positive. The entire experience felt fantastic and I was totally in control and relaxed. My husband said I looked like I was in a trance.
I liked the positive thinking. During my pregnancy I encountered so many negative people regarding birth. It was good to have positive reinforcement from the hypnobirthing program so that I could enjoy my pregnancy and prepare with enthusiasm for labour. I am sure the positive attitude also contributed to my hassle-free pregnancy and most likely to the well-being of my baby while it was growing inside me – he is such a relaxed and happy baby now.

You were so empowering and made me feel like anything was possible. This alleviated many of my concerns, as I felt like I was in control. You excelled at leading the visualisations.

In all my labour only lasted 7 hours, which is quick for a first birth.
Relaxed positive birthing needs more promotion!
Thanking you
J.P. (31) – Wollstonecraft, Sydney (Hypnobirthing client)

Hi Samantha,
I first came to see you as all the other quit smoking options didn’t seem to work, will power, patches, etc. I decided to give your service a go and see if it could work where other methods have failed.

I had 2 sessions of therapy and found not just the hypnotherapy helpful but also the counselling therapy. Discussing smoking in depth in an open and unthreatening way, looking at all the positives and negatives. This made me see for the first time one of the major hurdles I had to overcome. A fear of eating too much and becoming fat.

Since our sessions I have had no cravings or burning desires to light up. My family also report no bad moods or tempers, another positive thing.
I feel like a non smoker and this shows in my general attitude and outlook. I feel much prouder and happier with myself.
Samantha, you are an excellent listener and observer and you ask the right questions that make you look deep into the issues and yourself, and you get to the heart of the issues. I found you very easy to talk to. Your therapy works! Too easy!

I believe your hypnotherapy is a great mental reinforcement from the subconscious that has made quitting smoking this time a success.
B.I. (39) Builder – Wahroonga, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)

Dear Samantha,
Each session with you was so wonderful – I didn’t realize how deeply rooted my emotions were and how long I had carried them. I knew I had a lot of baggage and was trying to unload – but it’s hard by myself.

I had six sessions. My life is now going ahead in leaps and bounds. I feel like doing things and try to create something every day. I feel more energetic and able to cope. To use my expression I can now get my ass into gear and love it.

I feel better and very proud of myself. I’m seeing and noticing people differently – seeing stuff I never saw before. My eyes are opened at last!!
You have changed my life for the better and I can’t say thank you enough. I will love you forever for what you have done for me. I love my life now. I found you to be caring and easy to talk to about anything and everything. You are a very gentle and patient soul. I looked forward to our sessions.

Once again thank you for what you have helped me achieve.
C.G. (59) – Thornleigh, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)

Hi Samantha
I am going on a 3 week 300km walking trip in Nepal which will involve crossing numerous terrifyingly high suspension bridges. I had a real fear of heights and was concerned I would not be able to cross the bridges, so I sought your help.

My fear of heights is completely gone. I’ve tested it over the Bowtell’s suspension bridge over the Cox’s river on the six foot track and could cross OK. I could not cross it previously. Also going down very exposed (ie with big drops under) sections of the giant stairway at Katoomba and various lookouts in the Blue Mountains I no longer have any fear of the height.

Although open minded and wanting a solution before the hypnotherapy session I was sceptical after the session since I was totally aware the whole time (actually trying not to fall asleep) and could not conjure up the mental images you were suggesting. However since you said it can work without me realising anything was happening, I then went and tested it and found out it had worked.

Back from Nepal, had a glorious fear free trip and crossed numerous suspension bridges all without a twitch. I was fooling around so much on the first bridge I came to (see photo) I scared my companions.
P.M. (57) Telecommunications Auditor – Westleigh, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)

Howdy Samantha,
Many thanks for the information and book details, I’m going good, the hypnotherapy session helped out with my pre op anxiety a great deal and it put a bit of a bounce back in my step to say the least. Will be in touch soon.
Mark – Newtown, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)
Hi Samantha,
I came to see you because I wanted to quit smoking. It was affecting my happiness and general well being. In the past I had tried several techniques such as patches, counselling and cold turkey but was unsuccessful. Then I saw Samantha’s ad on the internet and decided to give it a go.
The hypnosis session was very successful. I am a non smoker now. I do a lot of physical activity and am a healthy and happy person. I have no cravings or the need to exert any will power.
Samantha, you discussed my problem and triggers to the problem and then tailored the hypnosis accordingly. You are brilliant, very experienced and competent.

I have had hypnosis before, but it was only with you Samantha that I achieved a successful outcome.
Ms K. – Sydney (hypnotherapy client)

Hi Samantha
I enjoyed the deep relaxation during hypnosis, as well as the immediate effectiveness of positive suggestions and confidence in my power to birth. After the first session I walked out without so many fears that had plagued me for years about pregnancy and childbirth, replaced with peace and positivity. During the birth, fear never entered my mind.
M.F. Psychologist – Helensburgh (Hypnobirthing client)
Hi Samantha,
My birth was intense but quick. Our healthy baby boy was born 4 hours after arriving at the hospital- 8 pound 10 oz / 3.93kgs.

The affirmations were the most useful, they kept my mind /thoughts on labour positive.

I actually found the birthing experience positive, although I was not really able to put myself in a deep state of relaxation due to the speed and intensity of the labour, I still found that I was able to stay positive and calm. I felt that I was really able to work with my body and not against it.
I was able to pull my strength from the positive thoughts of my baby finally coming closer to us.

I believe that I actually slept through the early stages of labour.
I am very glad my partner participated in the hypnobirthing sessions as I found him to be very supportive during labour. He was able to keep me calm and focused by talking to me about working with my body and helping me to concentrate on my breathing.

Samantha you were easy to understand and learn from. We felt very comfortable a
round you.

My sister in law introduced me to hypnobirthing after her two extremely quick, problem free positive birthing experiences. Now after my similar experience I can confidently say that it is all thanks to the hypnobirthing preparation I did with you!
L.E. (28) – Allambie Heights, Sydney (Hypnobirthing client)

Dear Samantha,
Just to let you know that my first attempt at a full IVF cycle has been successful & I am now 20 weeks pregnant.

Thank you for all your support & encouragement last year. I’m sure it all went towards a successful outcome & made the difference.
Many thanks
M. – Hornsby, Sydney (hypnotherapy client)