Couples seek therapy for a variety of reasons:

when there is a longstanding unresolved issue, after a traumatic event, or affair, and often as a last resort.

Sometimes one party is ‘over it’ and the other is desperately trying to ‘save’ the relationship. Emotions can be highly charged, and communication can totally break down.

Other times both may want the relationship to continue but can’t see a way forward.

A couple may have separated but want to sort out the differences, and be amicable for the sake of their children.

We believe we bring a suitcase of issues from the past (known and unknown) empty it out in front of us and have a relationship over the top of it.

There are issues that arise from the relationship, and many more that are triggered by it, but are firmly planted in the past.

At North Shore & City Hypnotherapy Sydney, the first session is together and where all the issues get laid on the table. Samantha assesses the dynamic between the two of you, what you both want going forward, and how best to achieve that. The first session is a double session, and where time permits, hypnosis for one or both people.

Subsequent sessions then focus on resolving individual issues privately, and coming back in together and when required.


The key here is helping you help yourselves, to

have better communication

see more than one side of a story

reignite the senses

deepen intimacy and connection

let go of the past

focus on creating a future that you want, together.