Sydney Hypnotherapist Samantha Jones is a
Clinical/Professional Member, Supervisor and Educator
certified by and registered with:
Clinical Hypnotherapist Samantha Jones has more than 24 years of experience in helping people like you, with:


North Shore & City Hypnotherapy Sydney can help YOU:
Stop drinking… Read more

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

North Shore & City Hypnotherapy Sydney can help YOU with:
Lack of energy
Lack of motivation… Read more

Fertility Problems

North Shore & City Hypnotherapy Sydney can help YOU with:
Difficulty conceiving
Fears & phobias related to being pregnant & giving birth
Hormonal problems
Low sperm count
Unexplained infertility

Gender Issues

North Shore & City Hypnotherapy Sydney can help YOU with:
Gender dysphoria
Gender identity disorder
Relationships with transgender person
Relationships while being transgender

Medical Issues

North Shore & City Hypnotherapy Sydney can help YOU with:
Complement medical treatment
High blood pressure
Increase mobility
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Multiple Sclerosis
Recovery after a stroke
Skin conditions

Memory, Focus, Concentration, Motivation & Performance

North Shore & City Hypnotherapy Sydney can help YOU with:
Career advancement
Exercising/going to gym
Exams (e.g., HSC, High School, TAFE, University)
Goal setting
Learning and improving skills
Gaining/losing weight
Remembering names, places, etc.
Study, work and/or sports

Sexual Problems (Women Only)

North Shore & City Hypnotherapy Sydney can help YOU with:
Dyspareunia (painful intercourse)
Inorgasmia (inability to orgasm)
Lack of sexual desire
Vaginismus (spasms of the vaginal muscles on penetration)
Vulvar vestibulitis syndrome (VVS)
Vulvodynia (burning sensations/pain around the vulva)

Smoking Cessation

North Shore & City Hypnotherapy Sydney can help YOU:
Quit smoking… Read more
Many clients travel great distances for help here, as they appreciate the unique customized approach of combining various therapies in hypnosis for deep relaxation, releasing emotional issues and creating lasting behavioural change.

Independent Google Reviews of North Shore & City Hypnotherapy Sydney

Samantha has helped me a few times now.
She’s understanding, non-judgemental and genuinely wants to help improve her clients’ lives and she has the skills to achieve these results. Strongly recommend her services and support to anyone who wants to make a change for the better! L.D. – Eastern Suburbs, Hypnotherapy Sydney Client.
Samantha was a huge help! Hypnosis was very new for me and I was very skeptical, but keen to try something new and natural. I agree with the other reviews, Samantha was very warm and comforting. She has a natural urge to help which is vital. M.M. – Western Suburbs, Sydney Hypnotherapy Client.
I encourage anyone contemplating hypnotherapy to see Samantha – you may find yourself improved in more ways than you expected. I knew little about it before my first consultation and found Samantha to be reassuring, sensitive, and an intelligent guide.
Hypnosis itself – a welcome state of relaxation, not at all strange – is preceded and informed by a conversation, and Samantha’s long experience is particularly evident here in her ability to use this time to tease out the issue at hand in creative ways. Samantha quickly learns how you think, feel, and express yourself, and tailors her approach accordingly, so you get the most out of even the first session. Samantha takes notes and makes connections between your sessions so there is a real and very professional sense of progress.
Beyond the few sessions you may take, hypnotherapy under Samantha offers those who embrace it an adaptable tool for the art of living. Have a go. A.G. – Chatswood, Hypnotherapy Sydney Client.

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