Hypnotherapy for Stress and Hypnosis for Stress Management is a huge part of what we do, whether it is requested or not by our clients!

Ultimately juggling our busy lifestyles also means acquiring skills in how to manage stress levels.

Stress in the true sense is how the body responds to demands and pressure, both positive and negative.

You’ve heard about the fight or flight response, where blood pumps to the arms and legs to fight or flee a situation, and when there is neither option, we freeze in response to a real or perceived threat.

The mind and body don’t know the difference between the two, which is why our hypnotherapy is so effective, by resolving both real and imagined or perceived threats at the subconscious mind level.

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Our clients however, often come in perplexed by why they are feeling the way they are, fatigued, suffering insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, autoimmune or other medical issues, teeth grinding, with pain….. the list is endless!!

We struggle to cope with those stressors and demands and can be family or relationship related, work or job related, financial, medical, environmental or even social.

We all respond to stress differently, and cope with stress in our own individual ways.  How we deal with stress can be a function of our early experiences, secure, loving, happy, positive family unit versus changeable, insecure household with divorce, death and/or other losses.

Other words that people use to describe ‘stress’ are anxiety, panic, worry, anger, rage, overwhelm and on occasion nervous energy or even nervous breakdown.

There are 3 types of stress:

ACUTE STRESS (click for details)

Usually situational, short-lived brief or momentary.

Think negative thought patterns bringing on this emotional reaction.

Signs and physical symptoms include perspiration, sweaty palms, irritability, irritable bowel or gut reactions, dizziness, high blood pressure, tension headaches, clenching fists and jaw and other transient symptoms.

EPISODIC ACUTE STRESS (click for details)

Those who live a chaotic lifestyle going from one real or imagined crisis or drama to the next are more likely to suffer this kind of stress, where each episode is short lived but a regular occurrence.

Often disorganized or people pleasing and/or perfectionists saying yes to too many work, family or social engagements, not wanting to let anyone down and almost always in a rush or under pressure to do more, be more or achieve more.

Like a comedy and tragedy Greek theatre mask – Think type A Personality action oriented, somewhat competitive, sometimes hostile and defensive, and the Worry Wart Personality, more anxious and prone to depression, always thinking the worst, pessimistic and frozen with inability to act.

Manifestation of the stress response includes impatience, short temper, compromised attention, retention and learning, muscular pain and tension, irritable bowel moving into syndrome (IBS) diarrhoea, constipation or other gastrointestinal issues, cold feet and hands, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, heart problems, lowering of the immune system.

Anyone experiencing stress levels or personality traits in this category are in dire need of intervention via our Hypnotherapy for Stress, Hypnosis for Stress Management without a doubt! Also wise to seek medical advice.

CHRONIC STRESS (click for details)

The most harmful and damaging to mental health, well-being and survival. Exhibits signs and symptoms of the above but longer term.

Can be the result of trauma or post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), long term unemployment, poverty, ongoing abusive situations where a person feel trapped and unable to harness internal or external resources, and where they basically feel helpless and hopeless and accepting that there is no way out (even when there often is).

Depressed and entrenched in their acceptance of it, can lead to disastrous outcomes.

Often clients acclimatise to chronic stress until a light-bulb moment, epiphany or final straw (or worse) and then they make the call!

And yes, hypnotherapy is the best, fastest, most effective way of relieving and releasing stress from the past and a way to cope and manage future stress levels hands down!  Our history and experiences are all stored in our subconscious mind, and using hypnosis we can access those memories and responses and make the changes required in every hypnotherapy session.  No negative side effects, just positive outcomes!  Not only can we resolve accumulated stress, we can also refocus the mind on positive coping mechanisms and strategies for life, such as motivation for and implementation of exercise, eating well, reaching out to friends and looking after ourselves as a way of preventing spiralling down old unhelpful pathways.

So how can we help with Hypnotherapy for Stress? I’m glad you asked!
Whether your stress is acute or chronic, or simple or complex, we can help you to resolve underlying issues that make you more susceptible to stress, connect you with inner resources and desirable coping strategies. Clients often say a session or so with us is like an extended health retreat vacation and helps them get through the daily grind.  Whatever you need to “chillax,” we will find a treatment strategy to get you there, we always do!

Through hypnotherapeutic counselling, we take a comprehensive history and identify key areas that need to be resolved in hypnosis for you to be symptom free, stress free. These encompass old beliefs that no longer serve you, as well as thought patterns, feelings and self-talk. In addition, we focus on healing the mind-body connection, resetting, optimizing the functioning of all body systems, so that the body and mind establish healthier ways of being, naturally.

And just like no two Hypnotherapists were made equal, no two people suffering the effects of stress are the same, though the symptoms may appear similar, what is driving the behaviours and feelings are going to be entirely different because your life experience is unique.

So how do we resolve your issues? Easily and effectively with hypnotherapy for stress!
We take you into hypnosis and use various techniques to unlock and resolve all the components, build and reinforce coping strategies, self-esteem, positivity, optimism and seal the deal with a zen-like calm.

Every client is different and every session of hypnotherapy for stress will be unique, depending on the goal and techniques used. We have been described as the ‘mixed martial arts’ of therapy! See Unique Approach.

We also recommend, where applicable, our original On Demand Hypnosis Sessions to support you throughout your transformation.


What are your stress levels costing you?
Does stress interfere with living life on a daily basis?
Do you have trouble switching off?
Does that effect your quality/quantity of sleep?
Do your relationships suffer?
Have you lost your fun spark or do you have trouble with excess (binge drinking for example)?
Do you neglect yourself, family and/or friends because of it?
What is the cost and impact on:
your health?
your physical appearance?
your sense of self-worth and wellbeing?
your ability to perform at work/home?
your relationships?

Does the benefit of investing in a few sessions with us at North Shore & City Hypnotherapy Sydney to be stress free outweigh the ongoing costs of feeling trapped and stuck in a slippery rut??

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