Hypnosis for PAIN MANAGEMENT (Pain control hypnotherapy)

How we can help you manage and control pain with hypnosis


We regularly see clients who are in physical pain, and often have exhausted all medical avenues to understand, manage and relieve symptoms, yet the discomfort continues. Many clients come as referrals from other clients that have been able to minimize their discomfort and/or medications via our unique clinical hypnosis for pain relief.

Some clients come to us as a ‘last resort’ to learn techniques for hypnosis for pain management but still expect to continue with medical treatments, drugs and pharmaceuticals.

Other clients come to us as a ‘last resort’ as they cannot continue medical treatments because of cost, ineffectiveness and/or side effects, and want to learn hypnotic pain control techniques so that they can manage the natural way.

And then there are the clients that come to us because there are no conventional medical treatments that can help in their situation, but they want to be rid of the pain.

Increasing numbers of clients are coming to us after seeking medical advice, but before embarking on medical treatment to experience how we can help in their situation.

Let’s face it, pain is insidious, and has such an incredible domino effect through daily life. Pain can cause difficulties sleeping, which can add to moodiness, exhaustion, lack of focus and concentration, which makes the pain more intense, leading to snappiness, changes in appetite, etc., not being able to fulfil obligations, frustration, depression, avoidance and the cycle continues, for example. Pain, particularly intense pain, can put a dampener on so many daily activities.

So how can we help? I’m glad you asked!
Whether your pain is acute or chronic, is a symptom of another illness, disease or injury or is the only symptom, whether you have a underlying medical cause/medical diagnosis or your pain is psychosomatic with no identified physical cause, whether you are on medication or not, we can help bring relief with our signature process for hypnosis for pain management.

Through hypnotherapeutic counselling, we take a comprehensive history and identify any psychological aspects that may impact your experience of pain, as well as all the physical aspects. From here we take you deep into hypnosis for pain management, to a place of healing, soothing comfort, where we explore the many individual facets of your situation, resolve anything that needs resolving, minimize any daily impact, and teach you techniques if necessary to enable you to live the life you want. In addition, we focus on healing and energizing the mind-body connection, optimizing the functioning of all body systems, so that the body and mind establish healthier ways of being, naturally.

We do this easily and effectively, whilst building and reinforcing coping strategies, self-esteem, positivity, optimism and seal the deal with a zen-like calm.

And just like no two Hypnotherapists were made equal, no two pains are the same, though the symptoms may appear identical, what is causing the feelings are going to be entirely different because your life experience is unique.

So how do we resolve your issues? Easily and effectively!
Every client is different and every session will be unique, depending on the goal and techniques used. We have been described as the ‘mixed martial arts’ of therapy! See Unique Approach.

We also recommend, where applicable, our original On Demand Hypnosis Sessions to support you throughout your transformation.

What does your pain cost you?
Does it hold you back from advancing in your career? Can you put a monetary value on that?
Do you invest time and energy in avoiding situations, or trying to conceal it?
Does it inhibit you in your everyday relationships?
Do you neglect yourself, family and/or friends because of it?
What is the cost and impact on your health? On your physical appearance?
What is the cost and impact on your sense of self-worth and wellbeing?
What is the cost and impact on your ability to perform at work? At home?
What is the cost and impact on your relationships?
Does the benefit of investing in a few sessions with us at North Shore & City Hypnotherapy Sydney to be free of pain outweigh the ongoing costs of living with it?

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