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Thanks for dropping by and giving me this opportunity to introduce how I may be able to assist you make changes in your life, via Online Hypnotherapy, or in person with consultations at either (or both) of my offices – Sydney CBD (Wynyard or Martin Place) or Wahroonga on the North Shore.

COVID-19 has changed the way we look at things, and the accessibility of health services – and as the Wayne Dyer saying goes, if you change the way you look at things the things you look at change!

These days we’re all equipped with a camera on our mobile phones, but back in the day when I ventured out, I would take my bulky camera and zoom lens with me.

Hypnotherapy Mosman Sydney: Balmoral Beach

You’ve come the right place: my Hypnotherapy Mosman post!

I have fond memories of Balmoral Beach, peaceful, tranquil, and depending on where you stand and face you could take vastly different photos and have unique perspectives all from the same place. If you took a panorama type shot everything blends together as an overview, but if you zoom in and bring into focus a portion of what you see, the energy or mood can take on a whole new experience.

Much like working with the subconscious mind as I do in hypnotherapy. My strengths are in being able to view clients as a whole, but also being able to zoom in to certain aspects and dig deeper with hyper focus when it is required.

I have an extraordinary number of clients who have suffered certain traumatic experiences, and have been through various mainstream psychology, counselling, psychotherapy and other avenues feeling better in many ways, and perhaps because of the time invested and work they have done, feel like they are ‘over’ that issue. Nonetheless they come to me because they are drinking too much or binge eating, or even closet smoking, perhaps suffering low self-esteem and lacking in confidence, and many a time, the old hurtful incidence or trauma or parts thereof pops up and needs to be resolved at the deepest level in hypnosis. There is a certain feeling of relief clients get knowing that yes, now without a doubt those issues have been resolved! And of course that flows onto the feelings, behaviours and actions also changing.

Not all hypnotherapists are equipped well enough to know how to navigate clients through emotional wounds to complete healing, and resolution of their bad habits, or whatever the symptoms may be. As with photography some photographers can elicit such raw emotion, yet others in the same genre not at all! It isn’t all about theory or application of techniques either, experience and intuition play a huge part in helping clients achieve their goals.

Facilitating change is my passion!

And I love love love, being able to find solutions via the many different styles of hypnotherapy I employ, mixed with neuro linguistic programming (NLP), hypnotherapeutic counselling and other therapies I integrate into hypnosis. I love a challenge, whether it be simple or complex. I am really many different experienced therapists rolled into one, just like a professional photographer with a camera with all the bells and whistles, adjustable modes and dials. Definitely not just an automatic point and shoot kind of hypnotherapist!

So if you are looking for the Best Hypnotherapy Mosman has to offer you may just be in luck.

Curious to know what is possible for you? I look forward to seeing you soon!

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