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Crow’s Nest is such an amazing place with a community feel and wonderful buzz about it. I often chuckle to myself at how children can just bring a different perspective and honesty in an instant. Such was the time when I was asked where the nest was! Basically, why Crows Nest is called Crows Nest if there isn’t a nest or at least a monument resembling a crow’s nest to view! Very seldom lost for words, it was a very grounding question, and one that I had not taken the time to think about, I had just accepted it as a given.

With a curious mind, of course I wanted to know myself. Children have an uncanny way of bringing up your knowledge faux pas at the worst possible moment. Much like the advertisement where the father tells his son that the Great Wall Of China was built to keep the rabbits out!!! We could all identify with that moment! And here I was faced with it myself.

Hypnotherapy Crows Nest Sydney: Image of crows nest

A crow’s nest is lookout point at the top of a main mast of a sailing ship, in the 1900s a barrel or basket, so called as the popular naval legend goes, because Vikings used to house caged crows or ravens up there and release them in poor visibility.

They did that because crows would fly to the nearest land, and so the ships captain could navigate safely.

Crows Nest was part of a land grant made to Edward Wollstonecraft in 1821.

Wollstonecraft build a cottage called the Crows Nest, choosing the name because of it’s high commanding position, a reference to the naval lookout.

So there you have it!

So how does that relate to Hypnotherapy Crows Nest you ponder?

Remember the advertisement? Recalling it you probably saw the images of the boy and his father in that awkward moment of silence… maybe heard his voice tremble slightly as he tries to say with confidence ‘to keep the rabbits out, yep to keep the rabbits out’. Maybe you remember the product the advertising was promoting? If so, very effective marketing!!! Welcome to the world of Hypnosis, a state that we enter when we get absorbed in a story, with focused attention.

On another Best Hypnotherapy Crows Nest note, how many of us have an issue, say a fear of public speaking and not realize how many symptoms to it there are, the history, back story and how it connects in the subconscious mind? It takes an experienced skilled clinical hypnotherapist to uncover and navigate through the sometimes murky waters with limited visibility to discover new territories, all by knowing how to release the crow from the crows nest and follow that path!

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