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Hypnotherapy Willoughby: Clinical Hypnotherapist Samantha Jones

Thanks for dropping by to this post about the Best Hypnotherapy Willoughby & Surrounding Suburbs has to offer.

Times are changing… now that there is a gradual relaxing of the COVID-19 restrictions in NSW, there is a buzz and excitability around resuming normality. However, we are still faced with some uncertainty and the unknown.

In this unprecedented time of lockdown I’ve been privileged enough to able to reach out to clients via Online Hypnotherapy, aka telehealth, to those often struggling with anxiety, panic and a sense of loss and grief for their life that was once humming along beautifully. Lots of fear has arisen, and I am honoured to have been able to assist clients overcome their personal challenges with ease.

Some existing clients developed new anxieties, and some new clients presented with issues that became more intense as a result of COVID-19. Other clients just seized the opportunity to work on themselves and made appointments for hypnotherapy for confidence, hypnotherapy to increase self-esteem and hypnotherapy for a fear of public speaking.

City Of Willoughby Flag: Hypnotherapy Willoughby
Since this post references Willoughby, I’d like to draw your attention to the Willoughby flag, first flown on 12th May 1990, with 5 native wildflowers – Waratah, Christmas Bell, Sydney Red Gum or Apple Gum, Flannel Flower, and Native Rose (Boronia). These wildflowers are hardy and robust, able to blossom and adapt to inhospitable environments, yet delicate and sweet at the same time, mirroring what we are faced with right now!

So what does a flag represent? It represents unity, a sense of belonging, safety and security in my eyes. This is what clients have been missing from society with the recent coronavirus restrictions. A lack of connection to the community, to the environment, to each other, and a sense of freedom. Maybe that is something you or someone you know is struggling with? Feeling trapped perhaps? Getting back to normality will restore comfort for most but some will need a warm helping hand to readjust.

Hypnotherapy is so powerful, just a few sessions with me (I have developed an incredibly unique way of combining therapies and hypnotherapy styles to suit each individual adult, teenager, child and also couples and families, to make it so much more successful than regular hypnosis) is all it takes to resolve most issues! And whether you reside in one of the suburbs of the City of Willoughby or near me (Wahroonga / Turramurra & Sydney CBD / Wynyard and Martin Place), the amazing thing is I’m available online so physical accessibility is no longer an issue! So I say with confidence, this is truly the best hypnotherapy Willoughby has to offer!

If you or someone you know would like assistance in overcoming issues, please feel free to call or make an appointment online now!

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Serving the suburbs of the City of Willoughby:

Artarmon, Castle Cove, Castlecrag, Chatswood, Chatswood West, East Willoughby, Gore Hill, Middle Cove, Lane Cove North, Naremburn, North Willoughby, Northbridge, Roseville, Royal North Shore Hospital, St. Leonards, Willoughby